The Facts About Horse Slaughter

Fact: Horses are an intregal part of American heritage and culture.

Fact: Horses are pleasure animals used primarily for recreation and sport.

Fact: Americans do not eat horses or raise them for food.

Fact: Horse slaughter is a virtual secret industry.

Fact: The method by which horses are slaughtered is cruel and inhumane and cannot be regulated to be humane.

Fact: Horses are acquired for slaughter without disclosure contributing to both consumer fraud and horse theft.

Fact: Widespread use of pharmaceuticals and aminogycoside antibiotics "not prescribed for food animals" renders American horsemeat potentially dangerous to human health.

Fact: Horse slaughter subsidizes over breeding, theft, and the unlawful extermination of our wild mustangs.

Fact: Horses are not feeding the starving masses, rather a $15 a pound delicacy for foreign gourmands.

Fact: State revenues and horse-related industries are diminished by horse slaughter.

Fact: Horses are taxed differently than food-source animals.

Fact: Dogs and cats are protected against slaughter and export to countries where their meat is eaten. Horses deserve this protection also.

Fact: Horse meat eating is discouraged by Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist & Hindu religions.

Fact: Responsible horsemen humanely euthanise their horses.

Fact: According to a national poll, 93% of Americans want horse slaughter stopped.

Let's put the American Horse back in the stable ...and off the table!

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