Save the Horses

1998 California Initiative to Ban Horse Slaughter

Sponsored by
Cathleen Doyle, Sherry DeBoer, Sidne J. Long and the late Sue Maloney-Styles

We Qualified with 740,000 signatures!
We Won by nearly 5 million (60%) votes!



Robert Redford, Paul and (the late) Linda McCartney, Diane Keaton, Pierce Brosnan, Stephanie Powers, Dyan Cannon, Peter Falk, Super Model Tatjana, (the late) Carroll O'Conner, Brigitte Bardot, Malcolm McDowell, Keeley Shaye Smith, Kevin Nealon, Roy Clark, Sophie B. Hawkins, Martina Navratilova, Linda Blair, Tippi Hedren

United States Equestrian Team Members, USET:

Jill Henneberg (Eventing), Suzy Hutchison (Jumping), Steffen Peters (Dressage)


Del Mar Club, Hollywood Park, Golden Gate Fields

Horse Organizations

The California State Horsemen's Association(CSHA)
Thoroughbred Owners of California(TOC)
All Progressive Horse Rescue and Advocacy Organizations

Law Enforcement

California Organization of Police and Sheriffs(COPS)
California Peace Officers Association

District Attorneys

Michael Bradbury
Gil Garcetti


California State Firefighters' Association


Mayor Richard Riordan
The Los Angeles City Council

All agree on?

Each and every one of them wants to stop the slaughter of America's horses, and supports Proposition 6, Save The Horses.

In fact, the results of two different polls indicate that 88% of California voters are opposed to horsemeat consumption and out of a 50,000 national respondent call in 93% favored a ban on horse slaughter.

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Did you know over 3 million American horses have been slaughtered, and exported for human consumption in Europe and Japan since l986?

Although our government protects dogs and cats from this torturous extermination, the loyal "companion" who carried Paul Revere, pulled our wagons and plows and enabled man to forge west is being secretly slaughtered to feed a foreign meat market.

This is a wrong that needs to be righted!

This phenomenal grassroots effort has gathered increasing momentum with endorsements and extensive positive coverage both in the print and electronic media.

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"(I) wish you the best of luck and encourage you in your continued efforts to protect the horses from these senseless deaths."
...Robert Redford

"As with many people, I've avoided awareness...who among us does not believe that the horse is deserving of the same sympathetic treatment as our beloved dogs and cats? Just to stand in front of a horse is to be overwhelmed...their power, and myth, and the majesty they have exemplified since the beginning of history, not to mention the fact that what little girl, including me, hasn't grown up without falling in love with "Black Beauty" has forced me to offer my heartfelt support to this cause."
...Diane Keaton

"I think people would be horrified to realize that though we (Americans) don't eat horses in this country, we do slaughter and export horses to other counties for consumption. "Save the Horses" brought this to my attention and now together we are hoping to bring it to nationwide attention...let them know that you do not support an industry which kills pets."
...(the late)Linda McCartney

"...disturbing, appalling and a true tragedy for the American horse."
...Pierce Brosnan

"A shameful and sadistic legacy inflicted upon a species of animal that we owe our modern civilization to. Young as well as old suffer needlessly at the hands of greedy people."
...Keely Shaye Smith

"It is our duty to take care of these noble beasts who carried our descendants into war, carried Americans to work, a neighbor's house or to a doctor when there was no car. It was these noble beasts who were the childhood friends of many, such as myself. Without the horse in America, where would George Washington have been? We can not allow this inhumane slaughter to continue in this country. It's barbaric and not American. Please I beg you to protect the noble horse and pass this initiative."
...GiGi Gaston, USET member, writer, director

"The West was won on a horse The East begun on a horse. Mankind has spun off it's course If this cruel crime is endorsed."
... Sophie B. Hawkins, Songwriter

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"I bought Nirvana for $600, her meat price, and she took me all the way to the Olympics. I won a medal for my country on a slaughter horse. I wouldn't take a million dollars for her today. What can I do to help?"
...Jill Henneberg, USET, 96' Olympic Silver Medallist

"We need to keep shocking people...until they see what's happening to one of our best friends, the horse."
....Susy Hutchison, USET, Veteran Show Jumper

"...the horse today in our society, is primarily kept for recreational a practicing veterinarian, the bonding and companionship role between horses and their owners has been very evident to me, and is unquestionable as strong as that which occurs between humans and their pet dogs and cats."
...Robert M. Miller, D.V.M.

"I am sick to death of horse slaughter. These horses deserve a swift, painless death."
...Joe Harper, President and General Manager, Del Mar Racetrack

"...go with hope, vigor and love - knowing you are not only saving the lives of our dear four-legged friends, but saving the future of our children who must grow up (as we have) experiencing the joy of caring for another of God's creatures."
...Mrs. J. Paul Getty

Let's put the American Horse back in the stable ...and off the table!

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